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Football sweets and treats

Football sweets and treats

September 14, 2018

Johnson Jin

Bela Pathak, Staffer

May 25, 2018

Filed under Scottie Spotlight, Student Life

Johnson Jin is a freshman currently attending Highland Park High School. As he finishes his freshman year, he serves as an exemplary role model and individual that has created their own pathway through the high school, being ...

Bilingual Students in Highland Park

Elsa Pedrosa, Staffer

May 2, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Imagine standing outside your house, saying goodbye to your friends, but then you cross the threshold and begin speaking in an entirely different language to your family. This has become second nature to you, but it took year...

Shot out in the shootout

Edward Bass, Staffer

April 23, 2018

Filed under Sports, Student Life

It took two overtime periods and a penalty shootout to separate the women’s soccer team and Frisco Wakeland in their Regional Final match on Friday, April 13. After a long, hard-fought game by both teams, the game went into ...

Come to College Night

Ava Brennan, Section Editor

April 23, 2018

Filed under Student Life

This year, college night was a little different compared to past college nights in previous years. College night was on April 11, and consisted of three rotations. College representatives that were present this year came from the...

TAG you’re it!

Maddie Galerston, Copy Editor

April 20, 2018

Filed under OpEds & Reviews, Student Life

TAG, or Talented and Gifted, is the program for students with a different learning style. It starts in elementary school and continues through high school. So, since students can spend up to 10 years in this program it is obv...

Stress levels on the rise

Alex Roos, Staffer

April 19, 2018

Filed under News, Student Life

In this year alone students have become even more stressed than in the past. In Highland Park students have to worry about SAT or ACT, college applications and final exams, while also keeping their grades up. Students are beco...

Parking Trouble

John Ruhl, Staffer

April 19, 2018

Filed under Student Life

A plague that has impacted both students and teachers is the widespread lack of nearby parking as the new parking garage has begun construction. In the meantime, some students and teachers have needed to resort to taking dras...

Habitat for Humanity

Hayden Chandler, Staffer

April 19, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Habitat for Humanity provides students with a great opportunity to fulfill their mandatory service hours while also providing a great service to their community and the communities near them. While Habitat for Humanity is a natio...

Highland Park pride

Sisi Berberian, Staffer

April 18, 2018

Filed under Student Life

You might not think one of the kids in your English class could be a movie star but it could in fact be the case. Several Highland Park graduates have entered to learn and gone forth to serve very successfully in scientific, art...

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