Three-Stage Plan For Reopening America Released

plan not in place until certain conditions are met

April 20, 2020


Photo courtesy of Ashkan Forouzani

President Donald Trump released a three-stage plan for reopening portions of the country last week in an attempt to prevent further economic downfall.

Before entering into this plan, President Trump would like to see a 14-day drop in cases in localities and states. Additionally, hospitals are to be able to treat all patients without criss care and have a “robust testing program” in place.

Phase one of this plan allows for restaurants, gyms and places of worship to open if they follow social distancing guidelines. Bars will remain closed.

While some businesses may open, schools will be kept closed during phase one. Elective surgeries will be allowed, but it is recommended that individuals at a particularly high risk remain at home. 

Phase two further opens the area, allowing schools and camps to operate. Outdoor recreation is allowed at this point, along with shopping centers, but gatherings of 50 are still not advised. Moderate social distancing rules applied at restaurants and music venues. 

Phase three brings the nation back to how it was before the coronavirus to a large degree. Social distancing is limited, and while the vulnerable are still told to be cautious, they can go out. Employers no longer need to worry about distancing in the workplace. 

Despite the new plan, it has been warned a resurgence in cases would likely result in restrictions coming back in the area.


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