Sunny days, sunny rays

Virginia Fielder, Editor-in-chief

Spring break is just around the corner which means swimsuits, tan lines and beaches. Spending a lot of time out in the sun can be harmful though. A tan can very easily become a sunburn. Sunscreen is an easy way to block out the potential danger in getting sun on your skin. Spring break is a time to relax and be stress-free, so pack your sunscreen and go!

“I honestly wear sunscreen all the time,” senior Kiki Culpepper said. “I have pale skin and it tends to burn easily, so whenever I golf or swim, I apply sunscreen. The brands I use don’t even get my skin oily at all,” Culpepper said.

Sunscreen is so easy to apply and one should never skip out on the extra 10 minutes it takes to put it on. Losing ten minutes of your day is a small price to pay for having healthy skin. There are also many different applications to putting on sunscreen to make the experience even easier. There is a sunscreen stick, almost like a thick tube of chapstick, that goes on your face, making it easier to apply. There is also a spray on sunscreen, applying sunscreen to your whole body with a mist of sunscreen, to where you don’t even need to rub it in. There is also just the old fashioned sunscreen lotion, which one can just rub on their skin.

“The sunscreen spray is really high quality,” Culpepper said. “It’s super easy to put on, and it actually stays on. Whenever I swim now I never get sunburned,” Culpepper said.

It is best to avoid a sunburn at all costs, because it has more negative side effects than just discoloring your skin. A sunburn, if severe, can develop blisters, and the peeling of skin. Your eyes can also feel dried out too. You can also get sun poisoning which leads to flu-like symptoms. You will feel nauseous and feverish. It is definitely an experience to avoid, especially while on vacation.

“My skin and body are super sensitive to everything, but especially to the sun,” Culpepper said. “One time I got sun poisoning and it was a pretty miserable experience. I laid in bed for days. My mom always make sure I wear sunscreen now,” Culpepper said.  

Always remember to apply sunscreen, even if your spring break is not at the beach; it’s always a plus to have healthy skin!