How to take spring break

Popular spring break destinations and what to do in those places

Hannah Harkins, Staffer

There are endless activities and vacations spots to which people can go for spring break. From staycations to oversea destinations, the list of options goes on and on. However, there are select vacation spots that seem to be reoccurring destinations for HP spring-breakers, and the reasons for visiting those locations are obvious justifications for why so many families choose these vacation spots.

When scrolling through Instagram feed over spring break, students will no doubt see many pictures from Seaside, Florida and neighboring beach towns. The temperate weather and crystal-clear water are only two of the many examples of why people tend to gravitate towards this area. There are many quaint shops and restaurants that offer a variety of beachy snacks and knick-knacks, and there many hotels starting at $85/night and houses and condos available for rent starting from only $101/night, according to Tripadvisor.

“In Seaside I enjoy riding bikes, spending time with my family, and going to the fun restaurants,” freshman Carlyn Johnson said. “My favorite is watching the sunsets at Bud and Alleys with my family.”

Another common vacation destination is Colorado. From skiing to shopping to taking in the breathtaking mountainous views, Colorado has a wide variety of activities that suite practically any age. According to, the most popular ski resort in America is Vail, Colorado. The average high temperature for Vail in March is 43° Fahrenheit, while the average December and January high temperature is 29° Fahrenheit. The spring break temperatures are far more comfortable than the frigid winter break temperatures. This allows for a much more comfortable skiing and snowboarding experience.

Many people choose to not spend their spring break stressing over traveling destinations and enjoy a relaxing staycation. While some staycationers may experience some serious fear of missing out, there are plenty of fun activities that are offered in Dallas. Klyde Warren Park’s bright fields and wide array of food trucks allow for a fresh and active day spent outdoors. One can enjoy fascinating science facts while partaking in the activities and simulations that the Perot Museum provides to keep the brain working during the week off of school. Also, a relaxing week spent catching up on well-needed sleep is a good way to spend one’s break.

While there are many ways to spend spring break, each destination or activity has its definite pros and upsides that will undoubtedly excite anyone who will participate in them.