What’s done is done… so far

What has been done since the bond was passed and what will happen in the future

Maddie Galerston, Copy Editor

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In November of 2015, a $361 million bond proposal was approved so that the district can rebuild and renovate many of the schools in this district. So far the fifth elementary school paid for by the bond and currently used as a “swing school” during construction, has already been built and is being used by UP Elementary School students and staff. In addition, UP Elementary has been completely rebuilt and Bradfield Elementary has been torn down; the construction to rebuild it has begun. At the high school the construction of the new teacher’s parking lot, band hall, and choir rooms is underway, but noticeably behind schedule. In the next few years, a lot is going to happen, and a summarized version of what has already happened and what will happen is below.

In the past two years, the new elementary school has been completed, UP has been rebuilt, Armstrong has been renovated, the new Seay Center has been completed and construction of the high school and middle school additions, and the multi-use facility and Bradfield have been started. Bradfield construction is on schedule and is to be completed before the start of the 2019-2020 school year, and the multi-use facility is to be completed around March 2020. The construction at the middle school is planned to be finished in August  2019, and the northwest addition is to be finished during the spring of this year. In addition to these, the slated renovations of Hyer Elementary are planned to finish in August 2020. This will be the latest and last renovation to be finished.

In regards to what has been done with the construction that is still being undergone, there are many places to find that information on the HPISD website. On the website, there is information about all the different aspects of construction. For instance, at the Bradfield campus, the parking garage walls and columns are almost done and two of the three slabs for the parking garage have already been completed. The steel placement in the education wing is slated for completion by the end of January. The installation of studs and sheathing, as well as the framing of the education wing and mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation, are all ongoing.  At MIS/HPMS the building sheathing and exterior walls are almost complete and the roofing installation is still continuing. The interior framework and the ductwork are 75 percent complete. The parking garage is complete and the construction workers are parking their vehicles there.

Along with these construction projects, there is information on the high school addition and the multi-use facility. In the northwest addition’s eastern section, all concrete floors have been poured and fireproofing is underway. Around 65 percent of the basement has been poured and the exterior and interior walls are underway. At the multi-use facility, pier drilling has finished and now all piers have been poured. The grade beams are being formed and the pouring of concrete will be started in mid-January. Underground plumbing and wiring are supposed to start in late January.

With all the construction going on, it may seem hard to imagine what the district is going to look like when these projects are complete. However, with luck, everything will be completed and ready for use before the start of 2021. For more information about the bond and the construction being done right now, check the HPISD website under the tab “Construction Updates.”

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