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This movie sure didn’t bomb

A film review of Bomb City

Ava Iversen, Section Editor

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Last weekend I went to my friend’s birthday party unaware of what we were planning on doing. To my surprise we were watching a film her aunt was an executive producer on, Bomb City. Unsure what the movie was going to be about by the name of the title I sat back and decided to just figure it out for myself. To my surprise it is one of my favorite films I have ever seen in my life from the premise to the acting in the movie itself.

With the basic story plot following the true events in Amarillo, Texas in 1997. It delves into the hate between the upper class community and the punk culture of this small Texas, and the double standard that place. Through the course of seeing both groups very different lives the the film leads up to the tragic death of one of the punk people of the community, Brian Deneke, and the shame of a trail that follows that did nothing to give Brian any justice for his death.

One of the many aspects I loved about this movie was the fact that it stays really true in how both of these groups are treated contrastingly different in similar scenarios. I thought this helped show the biases against the people in the punk culture of the town. I also loved that the beginning of the film made you assume the punk group of the town were the guilty party in the town when really it was superstar athlete of the well to do area of Amarillo. This movie was honest portrayal of how justice is not given out to the people that deserve it, and instead taken away from you if you are deemed unworthy in the eyes of the public.

When it comes to parts I did not enjoy about Bomb City there are few criticisms for me to make. Yet if I was really having to be picky I would have liked for the movie to have gotten more into the way the public was reacting to this event. I know that they had a trail scene, but I feel like they should really delved into how the general public was reacting to this event in the film.

All in all I found this film to be quite amazing and worthy to see again. I think this film would be excellent for everyone to see in how the court system is seriously flawed, and how we as a people should not decide who is worthy enough to receive justice.     


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This movie sure didn’t bomb