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All about the 2018 College Night

Ava Brennan, Section Editor

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This year, college night was a little different compared to past college nights in previous years. College night was on April 11, and consisted of three rotations. College representatives that were present this year came from the University of Chicago, Ole Miss, Trinity College, Texas A&M, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Christian University, Vanderbilt University, Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, the University of Georgia, Kansas State University and Purdue University.

The first rotation included the representatives of Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Trinity College. The representatives gave an example of an applicant and determined whether they would be admitted, deferred or rejected. The representatives also discussed what colleges look for in an applicant.

The second rotation included representatives of Southern Methodist University, Purdue University and Kansas State University. The representatives talked about how each college’s focus on the admissions process is different. They also mentioned that early admissions may be a better option based on the percentage of undergraduate students that have been accepted versus the applicants who applied during the regular deadlines.

The third rotation included representatives from the University of Chicago, University of Georgia, Baylor University and Vanderbilt University. The representatives discussed the application process, and what colleges focus on the most when viewing resumes.

After rotating through all three stations, students were given the chance to talk to the representatives individually and ask questions. The representative tables included pamphlets with the university’s statistics and information. The representatives touched on topics such as majors and minors the university offers, and other specialties the colleges have.

“I loved college night because it was a great way to learn more about certain colleges I was thinking about applying to,” junior Harrison Scott said. “I learned some great advice on what to and not to do when applying for college.”

College night is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge for when applying to college in the future.

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