Students Look Toward Their Future

Mary Sullins Lancaster, Highlander Staff

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Sophomores need to put College Night down on their calendar for next year to help them determine what school is best for them. Hundreds of people out there right now might think they already know what college they want to go to and blow off College Night, but that would be a mistake. College Night might change your mind. This is a night to see which college is best for you. College Night will help you decide on your future.

Over 190 tables were set up in the cafeteria and gym with college representatives on September 16th to help students narrow down the best schools for them.

College Night assisted students to really consider the schools they wanted to attend. Many people went to the tables of the colleges of their choice and asked college representatives questions like:

  • How many people attend the school?
  • How many people get accepted?
  • What is the atmosphere of the college and town?

Asking these questions and talking to the representatives helped students clarify if they want to go to that school or not. Therefore, it helped students modify the number of colleges they wanted to attend.

“At college night, I talked to the representative of the University of Arkansas and I learned so much about it, and I want to go there even more now,” junior Ellie French said.

“I went to visit Alabama, and I loved the atmosphere, the people and it was so pretty,” junior Meghan Welp said.

There were also brochures that gave information about the school at the tables. For example it says what minors or majors they have, financial aid, what courses they offer and more.

In addition to having brochures, College Night also helped guide students futures. College Night helped aid students future because they started to consider what they want to do out of college. Students could see what curriculum they are interested in based on what they want to do.

Sophomores need to save the date for college night because it helps find the right school for you and determine your future.

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